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NFDI4Ing Community Meetings in September 2022

In NFDI4Ing, various services and solutions are being developed to improve and simplify (research) data management in engineering. To bring these solutions into practice and validate them based on the subject-specific requirements of researchers, NFDI4Ing regularly organizes Community Meetings. Researchers, infrastructure operators and industry partners from various fields of engineering meet to discuss ideas and to network.

Announcing the NFDI4Ing Community Survey 2022

NFDI4Ing is running a community survey on the state of research data management (RDM) in the engineering sciences. One of the goals of the survey is to tailor the consortium’s services precisely to the needs of engineers. To obtain a detailed picture of the state of RDM in the individual engineering disciplines, we hope for numerous participants from all fields of engineering.

Enhancing Data Acquisition in Field Experiments &#8211; the NFDI4Ing archetype <span style="font-variant: small-caps;">Golo</span>

Field experiments are characterized by environmental conditions that cannot be fully controlled by the experimenter. Examples for field experiments include testing driver assistance systems in traffic, submarine robots in open water, or monitoring traffic in cities. Task Area GOLO is developing services and solutions to support engineers conducting field experiments in their work.