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ing.grid: Open Access, Open Peer Review, Open Science

The international online journal ing.grid is now accepting submissions addressing FAIR data management in engineering sciences. With an open access policy, the journal bridges a gap in the field, offering a platform and recognition for sound scientific practice in generating research data, developing reusable tools for processing that data and curating the data to make it findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

NFDI4Ing Awards 2022

It was a close contest, but in the end two nominees prevailed in the NFDI4Ing Awards 2022 against 41 other contributors. We happily congratulate the winners, Wendy (Pengyin) Shan from the University of Alberta Library in Canada, and Rory Macneil from Edinburgh, Scotland. The awards were endowed with 500€ each, sponsored by the WZL Aachen Stiftung.