Save the date: NFDI4Ing Conference 2023 on September 27th and 28th

NFDI4Ing cordially invites you to participate with a contribution on this years conference! The motto of the NFDI4Ing conference 2023 is “Innovation in Research Data Management: Bridging the gaps between disciplines and opening new perspectives for research in engineering science”.

The NFDI4Ing team is pleased to announce this year’s conference  on September 27th and 28th, 2023. The topic of the event will be “Innovation in Research Data Management: Bridging the gaps between disciplines and opening new perspectives for research in engineering sciences”. For information on the conference and how you can contribute, please see the following and visit our conference homepage:

Target audience

  • researchers in the field of engineering sciences
  • infrastructure, service and tool providers in the field of Research Data Management
  • researchers whose research topics contribute to the further development of Research Data Management
  • individuals working as intermediaries between Research Data Management development and practice

Overall ambition

The NFDI4Ing Conference 2023 provides the forum for discussing recent innovations and practices in Research Data Management for engineering sciences. The conference assembles researchers in engineering sciences and experts in Research Data Management for initiating exchange on requirements, solutions and best practices with the final ambition to strengthen interdisciplinary networks and to generate new ideas for future Research Data Management. The conference will be held online. The conference language will be English.

Conference topics

Submissions are welcome for the following topics:

  • innovative and well established approaches in Research Data Management
  • tools and infrastructure for Research Data Management
  • practices of Research Data Management
  • data ethics
  • data literacy
  • data publication

How to contribute with a submission?

Please hand in your submission in form of an abstract of 500-1000 words. Your abstract should contain a general description of your subject and the form in which you would like to present it.

Please submit your abstract using this ⇒ submission form.

The deadline for submissions is June 2nd, 2023. Submissions will be reviewed by NFDI4Ing members. Accepted submissions can qualify to contribute a paper for a Special Issue of ing.grid, the journal for FAIR data management in engineering sciences.

Types of contributions

You may propose the following form for your contribution:

  • presentation
  • tutorial
  • tool demonstration
  • workshop
  • panel discussion
  • poster presentation

Duration of a conference slot

You may propose the following form for your contribution:

  • The standard duration for each slot is 30 min (including presentation and discussion).
  • You may also apply for a slot of 60 min.
  • Posters will be presented within a virtual poster session.

Bridging the gaps

Research Data Management in engineering sciences is a multidisciplinary field with various requirements, solutions and practices. Expertise often comes from different infrastructural and disciplinary backgrounds. To bridge the gaps between the disciplines and to facilitate exchange, it is crucial to reach a common understanding. Therefore, we kindly ask you to consider the following requirements when submitting your abstract:

  • Give sufficient context for your subject; especially when you are working in a highly specialized disciplinary or infrastructural field.
  • Provide an indication of added value and practical use of your approach, tool or insights.
  • Take into account the perspective of potential users.

For any further questions please use our ⇒ contact form

Sebastian Schaarschmidt, SLUB Dresden