Task Areas - NFDI4Ing

the NFDI4Ing task areas

NFDI4Ing consists of a number of subprojects – the task areas – that together form the NFDI4Ing work programme. The core building block of NFDI4Ing are the seven task areas focussed on addressing the requirements of the archetypes. These task areas conduct the majority of actual research and development into particular RDM challenges. Due to the close link between the archetypes as personifications of particular types of engineering research, and the subprojects working on addressing the challenges faced by researchers working in these particular paradigms, we regularly use the names of the archetypes and those of the corresponding task areas synonymously.

The archetype task areas are flanked by task areas that crosslink them with research-area-centred communities (the Community Clusters), further develop and scale solutions provided by the archetypes and supply specific services and tools for internal and external partners (Base Services), and provide administrative support, consulting and coordination of the different processes in the consortium (Management). All NFDI4Ing task areas work together to generate and establish sustainable and comprehensive solutions for engineering research data management. A structured overview of the NFDI4Ing work programme is pictured to the right.

nfdi4ing structures
Fig. 1: Overview of the NFDI4Ing work programme

A commonly used analogy describes NFDI4Ing along the lines of a company structure. In this analogy, the archetypes are roughly equivalent to the R&D department, the Base Services correspond to manufacturing and production, the Community Clusters represent marketing and public relations, and Management provides the governance structure. You can find further information on the indidual task areas linked below.