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More and more digital research data are generated. So, new concepts are essential:

  • In which data formats can data be stored in the long term?
  • How and where can data be stored?
  • Which information of the experiment / the simulation should be noted in the metadata?
  • How can these data be made accessible for group members and other researchers?
  • How can these data made findable for researchers?

NFDI4Ing adresses these challenges of research data management in a user-driven approach. In order to implement the FAIR data priciples (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable) and to develop the best-suited infrastructure and services we need your insights!

What NFDI4Ing is all about

Data are 21st century’s new oil. The consortium NFDI4Ing is collecting, qualifying, and structuring research data from the engineering sciences. NFDI4Ing brings together all engineering research communities and fosters the management of their research data. NFDI4Ing thus makes research data sustainably accessible in accordance with the FAIR principles, i.e., in citable form and under licenses that are as free as possible.

What NFDI4Ing does 

We focus on three things: first, data literacy education and training spanning, if possible, from introductory courses at university to a career in science; second, developing and testing a governance concept for the handling of research data; and third, ensuring broad availability of technologies and services for machine-actionable data and its metadata.

What we are looking for

We would like to see open-mindedness and a genuine interest in all matters of research data management: You enjoy working independently and responsibly in a large team and you are ready to organise scientific networks on a national and international level. You are passionate about digital infrastructures, smart IT solutions, and metadata.

How you can participate

The specific form of collaboration will depend on the “service” that the Participants can provide and what their own contributions can be. Other forms of personal contribution, in addition to providing services, include participation in the development of standards, serving on committees, etc. You can contact the coordinators of the task areas for more details.


How to get in touch?

Please check our FAQ page first – your question may already be answered there. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, read on.


For general questions and information about the consortium, you can contact the office either via the contact form stored here or via the contact information stored on the linked page.The contact information for the individual archetypes, base servicesspecial interest groups (SIGs) and community clusters can be found on the respective profile pages. You are also welcome to use the contact form below:

What happens next?

Your request goes out to a member of the NFDI4Ing consortium and will be picked up by the person with the greatest expertise on the particular topic. We will connect you with the right expert(s).


With this FAQ we hope to be able to record as many of the questions from our engineering community as possible and to answer them according to the current state of affairs.

What do you want to know?

What is meant by “participants”?

Participants are individuals and/or non-profit organizations that make a significant and ongoing contribution to the NFDI4Ing work program. Participants formulate a concrete use case to

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