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Discuss about RDM topics, get help and collaborate on new ideas.


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The NFDI4Ing is using the gitlab instance of the RWTH Aachen.


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Check out the knowledge base which covers many rdn related topics.

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These tools are under limited access to members and participants of either the NFDI4Ing or NFDI. We are actively working on increasing availability or opening up alternative services. Check in again for updates.


is used for internal organization, document and material storage.


is the official communication platform promoted by the NFDI.

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Office templates, preorganized materials for publications.

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Gitlab Pages Templates offer a simple way to publish content while adhering to the NFDI4Ing design.

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Mailing lists and functions mailboxes for internal communication.


With Cobra CRM there will be an advanced "Community" (Customer) Relationship Management system.


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Why participate?

More and more digital research data are generated. So, new concepts are essential:

  • In which data formats can data be stored in the long term?
  • How and where can data be stored?
  • Which information of the experiment / the simulation should be noted in the metadata?
  • How can these data be made accessible for group members and other researchers?
  • How can these data made findable for researchers?

NFDI4Ing adresses these challenges of research data management in a user-driven approach. In order to implement the FAIR data priciples (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable) and to develop the best-suited infrastructure and services we need your insights!


How to get in touch?

Please check our FAQ page first – your question may already be answered there. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, read on.


For general questions and information about the consortium, you can contact the office either via the contact form stored here or via the contact information stored on the linked page.The contact information for the individual archetypes, base servicesspecial interest groups (SIGs) and community clusters can be found on the respective profile pages. You are also welcome to use the contact form below:

What happens next?

Your request goes out to a member of the NFDI4Ing consortium and will be picked up by the person with the greatest expertise on the particular topic. We will connect you with the right expert(s).


With this FAQ we hope to be able to record as many of the questions from our engineering community as possible and to answer them according to the current state of affairs. See also our more general FAQ in the contact & faq menu.

What do you want to know?

What is meant by “participants”?

Participants are individuals and/or non-profit organizations that make a significant and ongoing contribution to the NFDI4Ing work program. Participants formulate a concrete use case to

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