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Base Service “Research software development”: advice and services for good software

The base service “research software development” provides infrastructure, best practices and templates to make research software and its development more replicable and reproducible while improving the quality of the written code. Currently, our main projects are a JupyterHub server for the NFDI4Ing-community, a knowledge base with best practices and examples for sustainable code development, and training courses for, e.g., GitLab.

Quality Assurance within NFDI4Ing

The base service “Quality assurance in RDM processes and metrics for FAIR data” in NFDI4Ing includes the support of data management plans with RDMO, the development of maturity models for research data management processes and the provision and maintenance of FAIR data metrics. The common goal is to ensure the quality of research data management in engineering research through each individual service.

Is your RDM (too) complex? Let Jarves help you!

By ordering the RDM activities based on their occurrence in the engineering research process, Jarves provides a structure for RDM in engineering. Based on the research’s boundaries, Jarves offers information on the next steps and available tools.

Findings of the NFDI4Ing Community Survey 2022

NFDI4Ing conducted its second community survey on the topic of research data management (RDM) in the engineering sciences. The findings will help tailor the consortium’s services precisely to the needs of engineers. Counting on your support, the third survey has just started.
Image: “Research Data Diversity” by Heinz-Vale, CC BY-SA 4.0