GitLab - NFDI4ing


In the context of the NFDI4Ing consortium, it was decided to provide a central versioning system, GitLab, and based on this to jointly develop training courses and use concepts for scientists. The reason for this decision was the observation that a wide variety of installations tailored to source code and document management exist in different departments. The externally managed cloud solution GitHub is also used to some extent, which is problematic however, as there is no control over the servers and the locations. In addition, several departments have expressed their special needs for training in such an externally managed system.

Currently, a GitLab service has been set up centrally at RWTH Aachen University and can be used by all users of the consortium who have access to the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) via Shibboleth. In addition, it is possible to invite external users who have a GitHub account.