“How metadata supports software-driven research” – NFDI4Ing Community Meeting feat. Archetype ELLEN



The NFDI4Ing Community Meeting focused on our archetype ELLEN will take place June 6th, 2024. You can find the details on the dedicated event page: https://nfdi4ing.de/communitymeeting_cc-44_2024/
The NFDI4Ing Archetype ELLEN and the Community Cluster 44 (computer science, systems & electrical engineering) cordially invites to the 2nd NFDI4Ing Community Meeting of the calendar year
“How metadata supports software-driven research”
on June 6, 2024
between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m.
“Metadata?? – I really don’t have time for that!”
Maybe that’s too hasty. In the NFDI4Ing Community Meeting in cooperation with the archetype ELLEN, you will learn how you can use metadata to describe and link your text publications, research software and data sets and thus strengthen the visibility and impact of your research. With “DataDesc”, “SciKGTeX” and the “Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG)” you will be introduced to tools and services that support you in your daily software-driven research. The event is aimed at scientists from all communities who use research software and datasets as part of their investigations and disseminate their findings in form of text publications.
The event will be held online via Zoom, we cordially invite you to register for the Community Meeting in cooperation with the archetype ELLEN via the following Zoom registration link:
Further information can be found at: https://nfdi4ing.de/communitymeeting_cc-44_2024/
All our next NFDI4Ing events are listed here: https://nfdi4ing.de/events
We would be very pleased to welcome you virtually at the NFDI4Ing Community Meeting!