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A Vision for Data Management Plans in the NFDI

A new publication discusses possible future roles of Data Management Plans (DMPs), templates, and tools in the upcoming NFDI service architecture. This position paper summarises ideas developed and collected during interdisciplinary workshops of the Data Management Planning Working Group (infra-dmp), which is part of the section Common Infrastructures of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) in Germany.

The NFDI4Ing Metadata Profile Service

The NFDI4Ing Metadata Profile Service is a platform that facilitates creation, curation and sharing of metadata profiles. The profiles are based on the W3C recommendation SHACL and can be created in a graphical user interface by selecting suitable terms from existing ontologies.

How does BETTY develop software?

Ideally, researchers can incorporate existing, established and tested research software into their own work. BETTY tries to help researchers in finding existing software suitable for their needs, developing new software, and publishing software artifacts in a sustainable and reproducible way.

Community-based RDM training portfolio for the engineering sciences

Providing Research Data Management (RDM) support and education is a central goal of NFDI4Ing. That is why we are developing a learning platform for RDM with a special focus on engineering sciences. The challenge is to design it subject-specific and attractive for motivated, self-paced learning. To meet this requirement, we need your input!

Review: Results of the NFDI4Ing Community Meeting on RDM for engineering projects

The most recent NFDI4Ing Community Meeting 2023 took place online on 27 October. Talks and presentations were focused on giving an introduction to research data management and data management plans. The meeting was rounded off with interactive workshop sessions in which current research projects served as case studies. The workshops laid the foundation for NFDI4Ing to initiate application-related harmonisation and standardisation efforts.