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Knowledge graphs for scientific output: Extensions to realise concurrency

SciMesh is Caden’s RDF graph topology to map scientific results onto a knowledge graph. In Caden, we use SciMesh as a standard to map content of an ELN to a data format that can be read by other ELNs. An unsolved problem has been how to deal with processes that involve more than one specimen, or with subprocesses. We addressed this problem by adding so-called “concurrents” to SciMesh.

News from DORIS – Test cases, tool development and community outreach in HPMC

How can large data from high-performance measurement and computation (HPMC) become accessible for the research community? How can this data be processed or transferred? What are the possibilities for storage, repositories and metadata enrichment? DORIS has made a considerable progress in implementing the FAIR principles of HPMC data and passing the evolved knowledge to the community.