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Are you interested in data models and their industrial applications? Join the NFDI4Ing Community Meeting on August 10th!

This year’s meeting of the mechanical and industrial engineering community (CC-41) focuses on the application of data models. Guests from the field of production engineering will discuss their importance as well as common difficulties in their design, adaption and usage on the basis of their own experiences and use cases. Modelling complex information and its … Continued

Betty’s (Re)Search Engine

Betty is the NFDI4Ing task area covering the research data management challenges faced by engineers who develop their own software solutions. Betty envisions a future in which every engineer produces verified, high-quality software that can be reused and extended. To that end, Betty wants to identify and provide the missing tools, teaching material and recommendations. … Continued

New release of Metadata4Ing Ontology now online!

The latest release of the metadata4ing ontology (m4i) comes with a practical hands-on guide: Get to know basic classes and properties of m4i and see how a JSON-LD file is built up step by step applying the ontology to a real-world example. What is Metadata4Ing – a short recap In 2022, Metadata4Ing (m4i) was released … Continued