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Software-driven scientific workflows are often characterized by a complex interplay of various pieces of software executed in a particular order. Moreover, each process in a workflow may pose a number of requirements on the software or hardware environment.

In this SIG, we want to elaborate, together with the scientific community, a vision on how scientific workflows should be created, packaged, and published in order to be as FAIR as possible. We want to evaluate if existing workflow tools provide reusable solutions, and identify the capabilities that are missing to reach our goal: reproducible research workflows, by anyone, anywhere and anytime.

workflow tools

key challenges & objectives

In order for research workflows to comply with the FAIR principles, they should be:

  • published
  • documented
  • annotated with metadata
  • reproducible
  • reusable

Because of the dependency on their environment, reproducibility and reusability are not trivial to achieve for scientific workflows. The results presented in a scientific paper, for instance, are commonly produced in a very specific environment, and in order to guarantee reproducibility, this environment has to be reinstantiated possibly many years later.

how to get into contact

The SIG is open for new participants – feel free to join the biweekly operative meetings or the SIG-wide meetings every 6 weeks. Meeting dates and links will be provided at a later date via our mailing list (sign-up here: sig_wftools) or in our NFDI-Rocket.Chat channel (#nfdi4ing-SIG-WFTools).

Moreover, you can contribute to our documentation hosted at github (Link)

contact information

For further questions please contact:

Prof. Dr. Bernd Flemisch
+49 711 685 69162

You may also join the mailinglist: