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SIG metadata & ontologies

The SIG metadata & ontologies supports the exchange between NFDI4Ing Archetypes, Community Clusters and Base Services on cross-sectional topics on metadata and ontologies as well as services using such resources. It allows the different groups to update each other on their progress and requirements and to develop services that meet practical demands in research data management in engineering.

The SIG will develop a metadata model for engineering research metadata according to the community’s needs in its subgroup Metadata4Ing, thereby fostering harmonization activities in NFDI4Ing. It will also follow and contribute to cross-consortia activities related to metadata and ontologies. Its subgroup Metadata4Ing has already hosted a cross-consortia workshop and will continue to collaborate with other NFDI consortia by joining the future NFDI section “(Meta)data – terminologies – provenance” which is currently forming.

metadata & ontologies

key challenges & objectives

The SIG Metadata and Ontologies faces the following challenges for metadata management in the engineering domain:

  • lack of standardized metadata schemata and terminologies with a focus on engineering,
  • high heterogeneity and variability of research,
  • simultaneous demand for flexibility and domain-specificity on the one hand and interoperability and reusability on the other,
  • lack of experience with and low motivation to use semantic technologies in the engineering community.

We will address these challenges by:

  • developing a generic ontological metadata model for the engineering community in exchange with NFDI4Ing archetypes and community clusters,
  • using a modular and hierarchical modelling approach that offers a high level of specificity and flexibility while maximizing reusability and interoperability of entities,
  • and by establishing close collaborations between experts from information science and engineering to create example applications of metadata schemata and ontologies.

how to participate?

The SIG is open for new participants – feel free to join its monthly meetings. Updates are communicated via its mailing list or in its NFDI’s Rocket Chat channel: #nfdi4ing-SIGmetadata.

contact information

SIG metadata & ontologies:

Felix Engel

Sub-SIG Metadata4Ing

Dr. Marc Fuhrmans

Dr. Dorothea Iglezakis