FDM-Werkstatt: Into the RDM Toolbox



Community Workshop | 18.-20.03.2024 | IT Center, RWTH Aachen University | in English

It’s time to roll up your sleeves again for the second FDM-Werkstatt (RDM work shop), organised by fdm.nrw in cooperation with DKZ.2R and the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University.

The community workshop invites you to learn from and with each other in sessions led by your peers. New features and use cases of RDM tools like eLabFTW, Coscine, Datalad or LiaScript will be introduced, tried out, experimented with and discussed. This workshop is for everyone, who is interested in RDM-Tools and offers sessions catered to beginners as well as to more advanced handypersons in RDM.

You can find more information, including the agenda and registration here. Registration closes on Feb. 26th!