NFDI4Ing RDMO Service now available

RDMO is a software that assists in planning the data management for your research project. In NFDI4Ing, we adapted and complemented the Open Source software to better support the specific needs of researchers working in the engineering sciences. The service is available at

Screenshot of the NFDI4Ing RDMO website

The Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) assists researchers in the management of data that results from their research in all phases of the data life cycle. The RDMO software is Open Source and since 2020 supported and further developed by the RDMO consortium. More information and documentation are available here.

RDMO was developed to be a generic solution for all research areas and scientific disciplines. As part of the NFDI4Ing Base Services measure quality assurance in RDM processes and metrics for FAIR data (S-1), we adapted and complemented RDMO to more specifically address the needs and challenges faced in engineering. The service provided at now includes a step-by-step guide that leads you through the process of creating a data management plan custom-made for your research project. The guide was developed on the basis of the DFG checklist „Handling of Research Data“ and is enriched with guidance and examples for researchers working in the engineering sciences. The development was supported by workshops conducted in our SIG „quality assurance & metrics for FAIR data“, that further helped tailoring the guide to the requirements of engineers.

The service went live in September. This is the first version of the interview guidelines, and we are looking for feedback to further improve and expand our RDMO service. If you have questions, suggestions, complaints or feature requests please contact us at

Addendum (26.10.2022): uses the DFN-AAI to allow for cross-institutional log-ins. However, the service has to be whitelisted once at every institution. If you or the persons responsible require the entityID and additional key attributes, please contact

Jürgen Windeck
David Wallace

edited by Thorsten Schwetje