First NFDI CoffeeSession – 27-10-2021



On October 27th, the NFDI kicks off a new afternoon online networking event – the CoffeeSessions. The goal of the format is to bring together employees of different consortia and different disciplines under the motto #oneNFDI. The CoffeeSessions use the tool (link) to simulate several spaces for informal conversation on topics losely related to the NFDI:

    • You can start your CoffeeSession in the lounge, comfortably look around and get into conversation with others directly.
    • Midday atmosphere in the office. A new cup of coffee or tea is already waiting. What could be better than an inspiring conversation about NFDI among colleagues to get into the groove again?
    • Do you feel up for a relaxed chat about hobbies, the last holiday or the latest world affairs? Off-topic is the motto in the coffee kitchen.
    • The printer is once again stubborn and the queue in front of it is getting longer. Time for a little chat! In the printer room, the focus is on tools and technology. But digressing is also allowed.

You can register for the first CoffeeSession via Google Forms until October 20, 2021.