Initiative for the establishment of a platform for the publication of standards

From its inception, members of NFDI4Ing have been working on a concept for the publication and organization of standards in the field of research data. By now, the concept is quite advanced and ready for the next step. The working group “Standardisation” (CC-5) is looking for interested persons from the community to support the work and to get the implementation underway.

Illustration of benefits of Requests for Comments (RFCs)

Dear members of the research data community,

Since the beginning of NFDI4Ing, Community Cluster 5 “Standardisierung” has been working on a concept for the publication and organization of standards in the field of research data. We are pleased to announce that the concept is now at an advanced stage, and we are inviting interested persons from the community to join us in implementing it.

Our working group has adopted a Request for Comments (RFC) process, which is based on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard. This process ensures that community submitted standards are practical, effective, and widely adopted within the research community. We have also designed a review process for the publication of RFCs to ensure that they meet the highest quality and integrity standards.

We recently participated in a workshop organized by NFDI e.V. on the topic of standardization, where we received valuable feedback on our concept. The next step for us is to install a service that allows for the publication of RFCs, which will serve as an archive for searching and finding standards.

We are looking for interested individuals from the community to contribute to our working group. Whether you are a researcher, data scientist, or information specialist, we welcome your participation in shaping the future of research data standards. Your insights and experiences will be invaluable that the service meets the needs of the research community. If you are interested in joining our working group or learning more about our efforts, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to advance the field of research data.


Michael Selzer (
David Hecker (
On behalf of Community Cluster 5 Standardisierung of NFDI4Ing