NFDI4Ing and NFDI4Chem strengthen their cooperation

NFDI4Ing and NFDI4Chem signed a memorandum of understanding to expand their existing cooperation in the area of data management plans. Data management plans (DMPs) are an essential tool in research data management to support researchers in the planning of sustainable and FAIR data management. NFDI4Ing and NFDI4Chem have been working together in this area since the early days of the NFDI by jointly coordinating the working group on data management plans (DMPs) in the NFDI (infra-dmp, formerly known as “DMPs in der NFDI”). Together they organize meetings and workshops to foster the collaboration of all consortia on DMPs [1].

NFDI4Ing established a DMP service ( for the engineering community which is based on a multi-site RDMO instance that allows to add multiple clients for different communities. NFDI4Chem is active in the development of discipline-specific DMP templates and creating learning and training materials for their community. Based on the new agreement, NFDI4Ing will host an RDMO client for NFDI4Chem to provide their community with a DMP tool. In exchange NFDI4Chem will contribute to the improvement of the service by raising awareness, collecting user stories and feedback. This way, both communities profit from a better and more user-centered service. In addition, cross-disciplinary projects have now a place to create joint DMPs. NFDI4Ing and especially the colleagues from Base Service S1 are looking forward to this collaboration.


[1] Enke, H., Hausen, D., Henzen, C., Jagusch, G., Krause, C., Schönau, S., Weimer, L., & Windeck, J. (2023). Data management planning: Concept for Setting up a Working Group in the NFDI Section Common Infrastructures (1.0). Zenodo.