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Here you can find the latest updates on NFDI4Ing as well as an archive of previous news and newsletter entries and past events.


A new publication discusses possible future roles of Data Management Plans (DMPs), templates, and tools in the upcoming NFDI service architecture. This position paper summarises ideas developed and collected during interdisciplinary workshops of the Data Management Planning Working Group (infra-dmp),
Last year, we invited the engineering communities to topical community meetings, six in total. Starting with 2024, we switch from topical to "arche-topical" community meetings, representing the NFDI4Ing archetypes. We kick things off with BETTY, our archetype focused on engineering
To fight the reproducibility crisis in science, the NFDI4Ing task area ALEX is developing PlotSerializer - a Python package for serializing scientific diagrams from popular libraries like matplotlib to json.
The NFDI4Ing Metadata Profile Service is a platform that facilitates creation, curation and sharing of metadata profiles. The profiles are based on the W3C recommendation SHACL and can be created in a graphical user interface by selecting suitable terms from
Ideally, researchers can incorporate existing, established and tested research software into their own work. BETTY tries to help researchers in finding existing software suitable for their needs, developing new software, and publishing software artifacts in a sustainable and reproducible way.

Upcoming events

Working meeting of the SIG RDM Training & Education to design the NFDI4Ing learning platform on Friday, 03.05.2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The NFDI4Ing Community Meeting focused on our archetype ELLEN will take place June 6th, 2024.
On July 25th a NFDI4Ing Community Meeting will focus on the challenges, solutions and services of our archetype FRANK, who mainly works in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and with heterogeneous data sources.
The NFDI4Ing conference 2024 will take place on the 18th & 19th September as a virtual event. The call for proposals is now open!

News archive

NFDI4Ing and NFDI4Chem signed a memorandum of understanding to expand their existing cooperation in the area of data management plans.
Text and data mining methods offer the potential to gain new insights from publications. The NFDI4Ing base service automated data and knowledge discovery in engineering literature is developing the legal and technical basis for making engineering literature accessible for this
Providing Research Data Management (RDM) support and education is a central goal of NFDI4Ing. That is why we are developing a learning platform for RDM with a special focus on engineering sciences. The challenge is to design it subject-specific and
Explore Golo's work in field data management and Digital Twin Frameworks, aimed at optimizing data reusability in field environments.
The most recent NFDI4Ing Community Meeting 2023 took place online on 27 October. Talks and presentations were focused on giving an introduction to research data management and data management plans. The meeting was rounded off with interactive workshop sessions in

Past events

Would you like to manage your research data produced at tier 1 HPC computing centers more efficiently? Then join the online-workshop hosted by DORIS!
Working meeting of the SIG RDM Training & Education to design the NFDI4Ing learning platform on Friday, 12.04.2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The next whole team meeting (Gesamtteammeeting) of NFDI4Ing will take place in Hannover on April 9th/10th, 2024. More information will follow here as soon as it becomes available.
The first NFDI4Ing Community Meeting of 2024 will take place in a virtual format on February 27th. The event is aimed at scientists from all engineering communities who are interested in research software.
The next NFDI4Ing Community Meeting of the materials science and engineering community will take place in a virtual format on Friday, 08 December.