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NFDI4Ing News 1/2022

Welcome to the first issue of the NFDI4Ing News! From now on, we will provide regular updates and current highlights from NFDI4Ing, the consortium representing the engineering sciences in the German National Research Data Infrastructure initiative (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur - NFDI).

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Darmstadt, 18.07.2024

Thermal and process engineering: NFDI4Ing community board established!
In a first meeting, leading scientists in the German communities of thermal engineering and process engineering have met to discuss decentralised data stewards and community expectations towards NFDI4Ing.
Save the date - NFDI4Ing Community Meeting for mechanical and production engineering
The NFDI4Ing Community Meeting for engineers working in mechanical and production engineering (CC-41) is taking place on 03.03.2022 – free and open to all.
How important is metadata in engineering today?
The Base Services measure S-3 is all about subject and application-specific metadata services and their integration into engineering workflows. But what do advanced tools offer to engineers? How do ontologies help? In 2022, we turn the spotlight on these questions in a series of workshops.
Call for participation: engineering research software with BETTY
The NFDI4Ing task area BETTY envisions a future in which the engineering sciences produce validated, high-quality software that can be reused and extended. BETTY follows a bottom-up approach and we are always keen on identifying new use cases!
What's new in ALEX? RDM in bespoke experiments
ALEX is all about bespoke, one-of-a-kind physical or virtual experiments. Robust data management before and after the experiment is essential to make research FAIR. Get to know the newest approaches currently under development in ALEX!
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