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NFDI4Ing News 3/2022

Welcome to the third issue of the NFDI4Ing News providing updates and highlights from NFDI4Ing, the consortium representing the engineering sciences in the German National Research Data Infrastructure initiative (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur - NFDI)!

Due to the summer holiday, the next issue of the NFDI4Ing News will be delayed. It is scheduled for the end of September. We wish you all a great summer!

Darmstadt, 24.09.2023

News from Base Service Repositories and Storage (S-4)
In the NFDI4Ing Base Service S-4, multiple universities are working together on curating, facilitating and improving access to research data repositories and storage systems for engineers.
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Many researchers struggle with the complexity of RDM. The NFDI4Ing Task Area Frank aims to simplify RDM for researchers by supporting them with needed RDM knowledge, specific decision support along the RDM process and tooltips for their current RDM-step.
Save the date: the NFDI4Ing conference 2022!
We are delighted to invite everyone interested in the current status and future outlook of research data management in engineering science to the 2nd annual NFDI4Ing conference taking place on October 26 & 27, 2022.
Knowledge graphs for scientific output: Extensions to realise concurrency
SciMesh is Caden’s RDF graph topology to map scientific results onto a knowledge graph. In Caden, we use SciMesh as a standard to map content of an ELN to a data format that can be read by other ELNs.
Survey results: Engineering-specific Data Management Planning
Data management plans (DMP) are an important component of data management. One of the goals of the NFDI4Ing Base Service "Quality Assurance in RDM processes and metrics for FAIR data" is to provide an engineering-specific customized DMP template to support engineers.
Meet the Base Service "Research software development" (S-2) - Advice and services for good software
The NFDI4Ing Base Service Research Software Development (S-2) provides infrastructure, best practices and templates to make research software and its development more replicable and reproducible while improving the quality of the written code.
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